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The Full Color Company began life in New York City in the 1940s, when a young artist and war veteran named Murray Wald began working as an intaglio sculptor in the medium of acrylic. Though art was always his passion it wasn’t particularly lucrative. To support his growing family, Murray entered into the clothing industry and opened menswear shops around the city. This endeavor was a success until the advent of malls drove him out of business, leaving his family searching for a new way to make ends meet.

By chance, Murray’s youngest son Eric dug some of his old sculpting equipment from the basement and was able to reassemble the working parts into a serviceable carving drill. This discovery reignited Murray’s passion for his art and allowed him to teach his children both his unique form of sculpture and his practical knowledge of business. The family reinvented themselves as traveling artists and made their way across America, selling beautiful carvings in art shows and mall displays.

As Murray’s children grew they expanded their family business into new and exciting directions using the acrylic medium, realizing its value in awards, personalized gifts, home decor, and signage. This was a success, but something was missing – full color products. Carving and engraving acrylic could only produce designs in all-white against acrylic’s naturally clear backdrop, unless dyes were meticulously applied by hand. Eric and his older brother Brad began experimenting with the material in order to find a solution that would allow them to produce a new, colorful line with no limit on creativity.

Years later Eric would hit the jackpot – Ahead of modern printing techniques, he discovered a method of applying colored prints perfectly to acrylic material, without any damage, bubbles, or physical imperfections. Even better, his technique would prove timeless and could only improve as printing technology expanded. It was here that the Full Color Company was born.

Now managed by a team of the second- and third- generation of Wald artists, the Full Color Company is dedicated to bringing you high quality full color products using a combination of Eric Wald’s signature printing technique and modern printing innovations, along with the warmth you can only get from a small family business. As a bonus, we’ll throw in world-class production efficiency and top-of-the-line customer service. If there are any designs or products you’d be interested in seeing us create, please contact us – Someone from the family will be there to answer you!