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Black Lives Matter Nuckees

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Color: Black Lives Matter
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The systemic racism and inequality in our country has to stop, and everyone wronged by those issues deserves justice. Those in power enforcing these systems should be held accountable for them. Black lives matter now as much as ever, and that shouldn't have to be a controversial statement. For those who wish to share this message, we're offering these bold, fearless, and proudly American phone grips. All lives can't matter until black lives do.

Texting, taking selfies, watching videos, and gaming have never been easier or more comfortable. Nuckees makes using your smartphone a care-free experience. Nuckees phone grips feature a tether with locking positions that provides optimal mobility when in use. When not in use, the imprinted top snaps back into its secure position with little to no effort.

DISCLAIMER: The Full Color Company is a small, diverse team consisting of people from many different racial and religious backgrounds. However, we would like to disclaim here that we are NOT a black owned business. We support the Black Lives Matter movement and would love for our products to help spread the message in a way our customers can carry with them every day, but feel that it may be more important for you to consider either supporting a black owned business or donating what you would spend on this product to an appropriate cause rather than purchasing this product.