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Owl Gaze Nuckees

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Color: Owl Gaze
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Give em’ owl the razzle dazzle—huge bright eyes and subtle variations of blue, adorable round face, and an abundance of feathers! What’s not to love about a bird that is cute and owlsome with super tuned-in senses?

Oh, and if like many of us, you’re a bit of a night owl, this Moonlit Owl Nuckee might just be the perfect grip to make you stand out. Feel alive and make the most of your creative hours!

Texting, taking selfies, watching videos, and gaming have never been easier or more comfortable. Nuckees makes using your smartphone a care-free experience. Nuckees phone grips feature a tether with locking positions that provides optimal mobility when in use. When not in use, the imprinted top snaps back into its secure position with little to no effort.