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Pink Heart
Glass Table Spinner 17.75"

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Ah, the Pink Heart! This Table Spinner is a must-have for several reasons, ranging from its outstanding aesthetic appeal to its expressive theme. It reminds us of those who occupy a special place in our hearts. Do you care about those treasured moments—past, present, and future—with loved ones? Just a look at this Table Spinner: Your face lights up and your heart sings! The perfect blend between its simple design and suggestive colour makes this Table Spinner  the ideal gift item for loved ones, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other gatherings where loved ones meet.

Our beautiful 17.75" Table Spinner is manufactured using tempered glass and a high-quality precision bearing for smooth, silent rotation. Pass food around the table in style! Each turntable is printed with our signature high quality standards and is perfect as a wedding, business, or holiday gift.

1/8" thick. Hand wash with a mild soap and cool water. Not dishwasher safe.